Sunday, November 5, 2017

Jnanasangam - Pune 2017 - National Ethos in Bharatiya Tradition of Education and Contemporary Context

Call to free education from West's influence
Governor O.P. Kohli
Pune,  Sun,05 Nov 2017

Shri Vinod Tawde addressed the gathering during valedictory function.

Shri Tawde told the gathering that he was active in ABVP. He welcomes such gatherings and he requested the organizers to send to him the proposals made in the conference for implementation. He said he wants concrete recommendation for each standard (Class I to Masters courses) so that he consider them for including in the system.

The Governor also said that government is keen on bringing changes and the proceedings of the seminar have to be sent to the government. Governor said Bhaskaracharya belongs to Maharashtra and he calculated the time earth takes to make one round around the Sun. How did he make it? We have to know and use it further.

The Sessions

1. National Ethos in Education

2. Understanding National Ethos Through Literature in Bharat
Prof Avadhesh Kumar Singh
V.C. Auro University, Surat Gujarat

Prof Singh explained the reasons for naming Maharshi Valmiki as Adi Kavi.  Kavi requires darshan and varnan capabilities. He said the ethos are karuna, prema. application in practice, seva and tyaag.

About Prof Singh

साहित्य = सम + हित + यत

वह विधा और विद्या, जो मानवका हित संपादित करती है| 

Bhartiya Evam Paschatya Kavya Sidhant
Dr Ganpati Chandra Gupta
Rajkamal Prakashan Pvt Ltd

3. Social Reforms Through Tradition of Education

Prof Shymarao Atre is the main speaker

4. National Ethos Reflected in Education Commissions
Prof. Indumati Katdare

5. Exploring the Research Areas for Understanding National Ethos

Prof Shubada Joshi

She explained the model Prayojanam - Istha sadhana - Phala prapti

6. Decolonising Teaching of Humanities

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