Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ahobila Mutt


Srinivasacharya, son of Kidambi Kesavacharya was born on 18th August 1379 AD at Thirunarayanapuram (Melkote), Karnataka. His father Kesavacharya, himself a learned man, sent him to Kancheepuram to study at the feet of Ghatikasatham Ammal, a very great scholar of those days.
Young Srinivasacharya, hardly twenty years of age(1398),  one day woke up in an exciting mood.
In the dream,  he saw Lord Lakshmeenarasimha of Ahobilam  and he heard his command to appear before him at Ahobilam and don the robe of a sanyasi and be instructed in his future mission of life there.  He informed  his Guru,  Gatikasatham Ammal his dream. The guru  told his disciple Srinivasacharya to obey the mandate.
So he wended his way to
Ahobilam. Having arrived there, he climbed the hill amidst dense forest (which
Thirumangai Azhvar describes as one which none can reach except God), had a dip
in the river Bhavanasini and took up abode in that wilderness. Meanwhile
Mukundaraya, the local chieftain also reached the, place to receive him on
divine command. Lord Narasimha appeared before Srinivasacharya in the form of a
sanyasi and initiated him with the "Preshmantra", gave him 'Sanyasa asrama'''
and named him 'Satakopa Jeeyar'. Thus was born Sri Ahobila Mutt and its First


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