Saturday, January 7, 2012

President of India Can Provide Intellectual Leadership for Development of Various Fields

"I have encouraged the department of public enterprises to engage the central public sector undertakings into an Industry-Agriculture Partnership Mission. I am, indeed, happy that the corporate affairs ministry, the public sector companies, business chambers and Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs in collaboration with National Rain fed Area Authority are joining hands to evolve 'Innovative Business Models for Rain fed Area Development'.
President of India, Hon'ble Pratibha Devisingh Patil stated in an article published in The Economic Times of India on 17th November 2011, Page 16.
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This is indeed intellectual leadership by the President of India for highlighting an area of priority in economic development of the country. President of India is well poised to take this initiative forward by organizing national seminars on various sectors and issues of economic and social development and by faciliatating development of president's national develop observations, which are summaries of the proceedings of the seminars. President can organize some of these seminars independently and some of these seminars can be organized by various central universities for which President of India is the chancellor. Organizing such a series would really do justice to the role of President as chancellor. These seminars are totally independent seminarls free from the influence of the cabinet and planning commission and would present the opinions of intellectuals under a more open atmosphere and provide diversity of opinion that Government can take into to account its policy deliberations.
Such an initiative also provides President of India, a background to assess various bills sent for signature to the office by the Parliament. It will be  a good initiative if the current President follows the article on rain-fed area development with more further issues of development of India.

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