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Hiranandani Estate Marathon

2016 Hiranandani Estate Marathon on 14 February 2016 Sunday

I walked 10 kilometres along with the registered participants.
Three faculty members from NITIE participated. Sachin Kamble, Shankar Murthy, and Som Sekhar Battacharya in half marathon.  The family of Lucky Singh participated in half marathon. The family of Rajendra Bhatt, participated one in half marathon, one in 10 K race and one in 4K.

Many of the participants were quiet thrilled with their completing half marathon in around 2 hours.

9 December 2012

A half marathon and associated 10 Km, 5Km and children's race were organized in Hiranandani Estate Thane on 9 December 2012. This is the first time this race was organized in the estate and there was enthusiastic response from the residents.

The half marathon started at 6.15 am. The other races started at 7.30 pm.

It is noteworthy that some ladies participated and completed the half marathon.

Dr Meenakshi a resident of the estate got the first prize in half-marathon race.

While I did not participate in the race officially, I went at 7.30 am and walked for a quarter marathon.

The organizers made a good marking of 5 Km inside the estate itself.

Results will be available at

5 Km Route of Hiranandani Estate Marathon

Starting at Hiranandani Circle (Arcadia circle) - Go up to Goldcroft building - 400 mt - take a u-turn
Come back to Hiranandani circle and take a left turn. go up to Spenta building - 1.3 Km - Take a u-turn.
Come back to Hiranandani circle and take a left turn - go up to estate main gate - Take a u-turn.

Come up to Hiranandani circle take a left turn - go up to the end of estate road - take a right turn - Go up to Crown building - take a u-turn

Come back on the road - a take a left turn - On the main road at club house take a left turn. Go up to the end of the road - take a U-turn

Come back to the club house and take a left turn - Reach the Hiranandani circle - 5 Km complete.

The half marathoners have to make four full rounds and some more distance after the fourth round.

Training schemes for Half Marathon

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