Thursday, February 25, 2016

Holi - Festival of Renewal - Festival of Family Life and Children

People in a joyful mood enjoying and celebrating the Holi festival, in New Delhi on March 06, 2015.
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Holi festival is a festival of renewal of life after the harsh cold winter season.

Holi is also a festival in which Agni deva is thanked for helping them to stay warm during winter months.

Holi is also a festival that brings out importance of children and their energy to achieve things which elders cannot do.

Holi is a festival of renewal and increased activity after harsh winters.

Holi is also a festival to promote birth of children, love, and marriage.

In holi festival, applying colour is basically for the purpose of helping people to keep their skin bright, smooth and healthy.

So all materials used in Holi festival must have ayurvedic basis and promote health. People should not use any material that causes harm to people.

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