Thursday, February 25, 2016

India - Railway Budget 2016 - 2017 - Highlights and Analysis

Average capital expenditure over 2009-14 is Rs. 48,100 crore, with average growth of 8% per annum.

2015-16 investment would be close to double of the average of previous 5 years.

2016-17 CAPEX pegged at Rs. 1.21 lakh crore.


• Net reduction in Gross Traffic Receipts by Rs 15,744 crore in RE 2015-16 compared to the BE target of Rs 1,83,578 crore.

• Freight earnings impacted mainly on account of low demand from the core sector resulting in resetting the target in R.E. 2015-16 to Rs 1,11,853 crore.

• Economy and austerity measures adopted to contain the Ordinary Working Expenses (O.W.E.) and budgeted Ordinary Working Expenses of Rs 1,19,410 crore decreased in the Revised Estimates 2015-16 to Rs. 1,10,690 crore i.e. by Rs 8,720 crore.

Budget Estimates 2016-17:

• Gross Traffic Receipts kept at Rs 1,84,820 crore .
Passenger earnings growth has been pegged at 12.4 % and earnings target budgeted at Rs. 51,012 crore.
The freight traffic is pegged at incremental traffic of 50 million tonnes.  Goods earnings is accordingly proposed at Rs. 1, 17,933 crore. Other coaching and sundries projected at Rs. 6,185 crore and Rs. 9,590.3 crore respectively

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