Sunday, October 20, 2013

Narendra Modi - Speeches and Interviews - Videos - October 2013

Kanpur 19 October 2013

“We have to do politics to unify 125 crore people, not divide as the Congress has been doing. Divisiveness is in Congress’s blood, DNA.”

“The Shahzada born with a golden spoon, who now fancied poverty tourism with cameras from media persons. He mocks poverty and says it is not real, instead it was a state of mind. I feel hurt when he mocks poverty,”

Modi told that he was one among the millions of poor. He has lived with life of a lower income person and felt it, he said.

The silence of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on rising prices, and  their early claims of bringing it down in the first 100 days of UPA2 were ridiculed.



18 October 2013 - Chennai
Nani Palkhiwala Memorial Lecture

Topic: “India and the World”,

Modi had typically peppered his speech with punch lines, drawing laughs and cheers. He accused the UPA of failing to defend India’s borders.

Modi held up Atal Bihari Vajpayee as a master practitioner of iron-fist-in-velvet-glove diplomacy, citing how he had defied the West by holding nuclear tests and then displayed his peaceful intent by announcing a no-first-use policy.

“Even after sanctions were imposed after the first nuclear test, Vajpayee went for the second nuclear test. In spite of the sanctions, India’s economy did not suffer and the rupee did not fall,” Modi said.

One way for India to win friends would be to promote tourism, Modi suggested. “Terrorism divides, tourism unites.”



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