Monday, October 2, 2017

India Rising - Indian GDP, National Income and Per Capita Income are Rising

2016 - 17

India's per capita income is Rs 1,03,219 in 2016-17

June 2016

February 2016

India Soars High - A KPMG Report in February 2016 launched by PM Narendra Modi.

Download it and read it. Understand the investment opportunities. Take informed decisions..

If you invest understand risks. Don't get stressed when adverse circumstances surface. Be prepared to absorb them.

GDP for the Year 2014 - 15

Nominal GDP is projected to be Rs.126.5 trillion (126.5 lakh crore) for 2014-15 from Rs.113.4 trillion (113.4 lakh crore) a year ago, the size of the economy is projected at $2.1 trillion at the current level of dollar exchange rate at Rs.61.7.

For the year 2000-2001, Indian GDP was about $481 billion and by 2007, it was measured at $1.2 trillion. That means it had grown two-and-a-half times in seven years. Thus, in a span of 14 years the Indian economy has grown more than four times.

Updated   3 October 2017,  4 June 2016, 9 March 2016, 17 Feb 2016

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