Thursday, October 19, 2017

Finance Model for Veda Pathasalas - Finance Model for Veda Schools and Institutions

19 October 2017

I wrote a comment in a FaceBook Post on 19 October 2017. The comment was liked the person who posted the message and also a donor who was mentioned in the message. It means it has some relevant ideas.  Now I have to develop a bigger article.

Would it be good if every day there is one hour of veda recital and may be in a year in that way Veda is recited completely. Also at the end of the recital some talk can be delivered. My idea is that way many people come to the pathasala or any temple where this recitation is there and contribute something to the running of the pathasala. Even people from many surrounding villages may come to the event to listen to the recitation and the talk. It may became a small piligrimage.

Similarly one can think of donation of food one time to the school inmates. So when there are 10 students Rs. 500 to 1000 may take care of one time meal. Around 750 donors may be required to take care of full year. Persons may come forward to donate on their date of birth. The focus of finding donors can be in the villages of the neighbour hood. I do not know. May be 100 villages have to be involved. Such system if it can be developed, becomes a role model for many veda pathasalas. If a district has 1000 villages, 10 veda pathasalas can be run on the maximum side.

Purohits can be asked to collect small donations from each family function that they conduct. Even rs. 25 becomes good collection and when many are involved it can become good source of support to Veda pathasalas.

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