Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mahatma Gandhi on Nationalism

The individual has to die for the family, the family has to die for the village, the village for the district, the district for the province, and the province for the country, … a country may be free in order that it may die, if necessary for the benefit of the world.
 Gandhiji in Indian Villages, p.170
It is impossible for one to be inter-nationalist without being a nationalist.
 Young India, 18.6.1923
Gandhi described selfless acts in the statement. While every individual tries to live, there are circumstances when an individual is prepared to die to protect his family. An entire family may fight enemies and die to protect the village. Gandhi extends the logic to entire country. To protect this world a country may sacrifice itself. Belief that this world is created by God and God blesses those people who strive for the welfare of a larger entity than themselves is brought out by  Gandhiji very well in one sentence. 2utb2lsm2k7a/ 912

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