Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mahatma Gandhi on Industrialisation

Machinery has its place, it has come to stay. But it must not be allowed to displace necessary human labour. I would welcome every improvement in the cottage machine, but I know that it is criminal to displace hand labour by the introduction of power-driven spindles unless one is at the same time ready to give millions of farmers some other occupation in their houses.
 Young India, 5.11.1925
The economics and civilization of a country where the pressure of population on land is greatest are and must be different from those of a country where the pressure is least. Sparsely populated, America may have need of machinery. India may not need it at all. Where there are millions and millions of units of idle labour, it is no use thinking of labour-saving devices.
 Harijan, 11.5.1935
Thoughts Of Mahatma Gandhi
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