Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mahatma Gandhi on Brahmacharya

The full and proper meaning of Brahmacharya is search of Brahma. Brahma pervades everything and can, therefore, be searched by diving into and realizing the inner self. This realization is impossible without complete control of the senses. Brahmacharya thus means control in thought, word, and in all places.
Young India, 5.6.1924
I personally feel brahmacharya must mean education. Every individual of the society has to go through the ashram of education (brahmacharya). Giving a meaning of a person not married created a lot of confusion. Once a person enters married life he cannot devote his full attention to education. During brahmacharya, one devotes full attention to education. In the ancient days, brahmachary has no responsibility towards  his family. He used to go alms and bring and give it to his teacher for running the ashram. Till he completed his education he has no responsibility of his family.
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