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Indian National Congress - 2014 Manifesto, Economic Policy and Campaign



Congress Campaign News in Various States

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Indian National Congress - History and Achievements

1 April 2014
Rahul will address 125 rallies and Sonia will address 80 rallies during April - May 2014.

Congress Manifesto - 2014 Lok Sabha Elections


1 Feb
GULBARGA (KARNATAKA):  Congress president Sonia Gandhi  accused BJP of indulging in divisive politics by "sowing seeds of poison" ( zeher ki kheti) and instigating violence. She said BJP and other opposition parties,  have only one motive of occupying the chair.

Gandhi claimed Congress did not crave for power, but was concerned about the country and its people.
Our concern is the removal of poverty and bringing self-respect to the poor. We are concerned about fostering brotherhood and maintaining peace in society. we are in a position to speed up development.
She said Congress was engaged in fighting corruption and therefore the party brought into force the Right to Information Act and Lokpal Act.

Gandhi said there was no need for Congress to talk about corruption of opposition parties, as people of Karnataka had already experienced it, during the BJP rule.

January 2014

30 Jan 2014
Interview of Jairam Ramesh in Livemint

Top Five Achievements of UPA
1. 7.8% growth rate in 10 year period. Growth deceleration only in last few years.
2. Social agenda deepened with resources generated by growth.
3. Unprecedented resource devolution to states and panchayats.
4. Rights based approach bringing about legal entitlements as opposed to programmes.
5. We defined India's place in the world, India's place in the regional economy and India's place in the world economy.

20 Jan 2014
Rahul Gandhi interacted with Mahila Congress members in Bhopal regarding manifesto.

17 Jan 2014
Rajiv Gandhi's aggressive speech in AICC.
Democratic surge we see today is nurtured by Congress party.




16 Jan

Rahul Gandhi is being positioned as a crusader against corruption by Congress party in its posters. Will it be accepted by the audience?

13. January 2014

Sachin Pilot appointed state president of Rajasthan
Arun Yadav is made state president of Madhya Pradesh

7 January 2014
Priyanka Gandhi attended a strategy meeting of Congress along with other senior leaders in Delhi.

For the Lok Sabha elections due in April-May, Dentsu India, the Japanese advertising and public relations company, is preparing a massive campaign around the concept of “empowering the common man.”
Burson-Marsteller, a public relations firm, has been hired by the Congress to create a buzz around Gandhi on social media. Rahul Gandhi  took the final decision to go ahead with Dentsu India (and JWT) to handle the Congress party’s Rs. 500-crore advertising contract for the elections.

Congress now has website for volunteers. It has a donate button also.

3 January 2004 Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced that he will not be the face of Congress for 2014 Lok Sabha Election



31 December 2013

The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh has greeted the people on the eve of the joyous occasion of  New Year. 

Prime Minister's Message

"The New Year is a time for each one of us to reflect upon the year gone by, the successes and achievements as well as the lapses and shortcomings. It provides an opportunity to reassess ourselves  and to plan for the year ahead, taking corrective action and setting new goals. It is a time of hope, a time to make a new beginning with resolve and confidence to achieve these goals.

As a nation, it is an occasion to unite and brace ourselves for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

I wish 2014 brings peace, security, joy and prosperity to all .”

Annual calendar of Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP) was released with the details of development projects of the UPA Government for the last 10 years. The calendar will be distributed to all panchayats in the country.

State wide campaign activities will be covered in separate posts for each state.

2014 Congress Manifesto

Congress now discussing various constituencies to come out with 2014 manifesto

19 January 2013
Rahul Gandhi was made Vice-President of Indian National Congress


Indian National Congress 2009 Manifesto

Congress vs BJP: Secular, Liberal Nationalism vs Narrow Communalism 

The Indian National Congress has always been in the forefront of the battle against those forces that seek
to divide and fragment our society.
The Indian National Congress has always been the bulwark against the four “isms” that threaten to tear
our country apart -- commnalism of all kinds, linguistic chauvinism, regional parochialism and casteism.
At the national level, the BJP has sought to position itself as the main political rival of the
Indian National Congress.
The Indian National Congress rejects this presumptuous posturing since the BJP is simply not present in
large parts of our country.
Even so, the contest between the Indian National Congress and the BJP is not just a fight between two
political parties. It is, in essence, a clash between two competing visions of Indian nationalism, between
two competing visions of what India should be.
The Indian National Congress’s secular and liberal nationalism has an equal place for each and every
Indian. It is an inclusive vision. The BJP’s narrow and communal nationalism denies equality and equal
rights to large sections of our people. It is an exclusionary doctrine.
The Indian National Congress’s secular and liberal nationalism is founded on a celebration of India’s
many diversities. The BJP’s narrow and communal nationalism rejects many of these diversities and seeks
to impose an artificial uniformity on our people.
The Indian National Congress practices the politics of consensus and cooperation The BJP practices the
politics of divisiveness and discord. Instinctively, the Indian National Congress unites, while the BJP

Along the lines of NREGA, we will enact a National Food Security Act

The Indian National Congress pledges to enact a Right to Food law that guarantees access to sufficient
food for all people, particularly the most vulnerable sections of society. The Indian National Congress
pledges that every family living below the poverty line either in rural or urban areas will be entitled, by
law, to 25 kgs of rice or wheat per month at Rs 3 per kg. Subsidised community kitchens will be set up in
all cities for homeless people and migrants with the support of the Central government.

• We will guarantee health security for all

The National Rural Health Mission has already begun to make a noticeable impact and will be implemented
with an even greater sense of urgency. The Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) introduced by the
Congress-led UPA Government offers health insurance for poor families. Expenditure on health is a
major cause of indebtedness, particularly in rural areas. The Indian National Congress pledges that every
family living below the poverty line will be covered by the RSBY over the next three years. Every district
headquarters hospital will be upgraded to provide quality heath facilities to all.

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