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Which Party Worker is More Confident?

Confidence is Important for Motivation and Effort and Success

Confidence is an assessment whether the environment is sufficiently fertile for your effort to give you the success with the resources and abilities that you have. If you assessment makes you confident of success,  that will  spark motivation.

Motivation is an internal urge or force that make you put in the effort, to invest your time and resources, and to persist in sticking to the plan till the last minute in case of competitive events.

Overconfidence is described as arrogance by Prof Kanter. When the team management becomes arrogant, it neglects its team members. When a business team becomes arrogant it neglects its customers. The early signs of failure are ignored and the corrective action is not taken in time.

What gives success?

Remember, it is not confidence. It is your work. Overconfidence kills your motive to work. Confidence provides motive to work and succeed.

In the recently concluded BJP National Council meeting both Narendra Modi and Advani emphasized the importance of booth level workers to contact and make the voter favouring the party actually vote for the party in the election booth. Advani specifically mentioned the national council members not to become overconfident. He said confidence is required for resolve but overconfidence results in failure. Has Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi said anything about it? We need to find out.

L.K. Advani's concluding speech in the National Council Meeting
He talked of overconfidence and confidence


Narendra Modi in the National Council Meeting


AAP - 2014 Lok Sabha Election Campaign

BJP Mission 272+ State Targets and Campaign

Congress - 2014 Lok Sabha Election Campaign

January 2014

CNN-IBN is presenting results of its tracker. Which Party worker is becoming confident to put in the effort required to win the polls.

23 January 2014
CNN-IBN survey predicts 41-49 seats for BJP. With good performance predicted in Bihar, BJP worker has every reason to feel confident.

21 January 2014

Andhra Pradesh
Vote Share Congress - 24%;  YSR Congress Party - 22%, TDP - 21%;  TRS - 11%;  BJP - 10 per cent; AAP- 2%; per cent and others 10 per cent votes respectively.

Vote Share: INC-42; BJP-32;JDS-18; AAP-3

Vote Share: UDF-50(+2); LDF-31(-9); BJP-9(+3)

Vote Share INC -17; BJP-16; DMK-18;AIADMK-27; PMK-1; DMDK-3;VCK-2;Left-3; AAP-3

20 January 2014

CNN-IBN survey gives 19% vote share to BJP but says no seat projection due to small sample

CNN-IBN survey gives 39% vote share and 16 - 24 seats to BJP

CNN-IBN survey says 40% vote share to BJP. No seat projection due to small sample

CNN-IBN survey 25% vote share - 0 to 4 seats projected

West Bengal
CNN-IBN survey says 14% vote share to BJP. 0-2 seats. Maximum people support Narendra Modi for PM (around 18%).

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BJP Win 2014

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