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Thane City - Maharashtra State Assembly Constituency MLA - 2014 Election Candidates

148 Thane City Winner MLA: BJP - Sanjay Kelkar  -



2014 Assembly Election Candidates

BJP - Sanjay Kelkar
INC - Narayan Shankar Pawar
MNS - Nilesh Chavan
NCP - Niranjan Davkhare
Shiv Sena - Ravindra Phatak

Adv. Pradnesh Chaitany Sonawane Bahujan Samaj Party
Ansari Nazakat Ali Independent
Manik Babu Patil Independent
Pradip Yashwant Gaikwad Bahujan Mukti Party
Sudam Natha Gholap Independent

About Sanjay Kelkar - BJP Candidate

Former MLC Thane Graduates Constituency

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Address of Narendra Modi in support of Thane Candidates on 12.10.2014

Bharatiya Janata Party upload

About Narayan Shankar Pawar - INC Candidate

Standing Committee Member, Thane Municipal Corporation
Date of Birth 1 August 1963

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Affidavit filed for TMC Election

About Niranjan Davkhare - NCP

Current MLC Graduates Constituency

Drishti TV India upload

10 Octber
MNS candidate is using a mobile van with a giant screen to promote his campaign in Thane City. Today the vehicle was stationed at the entrance of Hiranandani Estate Thane, to attract the people who come to the weekly market in that area.

About Ravindra Phatak, Shiv Sena

Uddav Thackeray's Address at Thane

ABP Majha Upload


2009 MLA

2009 MLA - Rajan Vichare Shiv Sena
Elected as MP in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections

Information and Candidates of All Maharashtra Assembly Constituencies - 2014 Election

Candidates of Political Parties of 2014 Maharashtra Assembly Elections

BJP   - INC  -  MNS  -  NCP -   Shiv Sena

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  1. 2 October
    There was a procession of Congress Party candidate. I saw him when he was going from Rutu Estate towards Brahmand.