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"We demand the people's participation in the government's policy making." - BMS President - Saji Narayanan

"We demand the people's participation in the government's policy making."
BMS President - Saji Narayanan - Interview with Shobha Warrier - Rediff.com
16 October 2017

Shir Saji Narayanan addressing ILO 2016 Delegates


Participatory politics and Participatory budgeting.

I developed some content on participatory politics and participatory budgeting.

Participatory Politics - Introduction  - http://guide-india.blogspot.com/2017/08/participatory-politics-introduction.html

Evolution of The Theory of Participatory Politics  http://guide-india.blogspot.com/2017/09/evolution-of-theory-of-participatory.html

Participatory Budgeting - Innovation in Planning and Budgeting by Government at National, State and Local Levels

My advocacy based on these concepts is that elected representatives have to be actively involved both by people and government in improving the participation. MPs and MLAs have to be  contacted and informed of the opinions of people, let us say the opinions of members of BMS of their constituency on a periodic basis. MPs and MLAs are also to be forced (a system has to be specified) to send every month or every quarter a written document to the Government on policy measures and administrative actions and it has to be made public. Then government will go through all these documents and use the suggestions in formulating government policies, programmes and administrative activities as they feel appropriate after analysis. Such a mechanism will create a proper atmosphere for participation of people in politics and governance of the country.

The system of periodic suggestion memorandum by elected representatives will make them request for suggestions from various people of their constituency and go through the documents received on a continuous basis so that periodic memorandum is made by them. As it its public document, media can go through these memorandums and express views on them through their editors, journalists and citizen participants. They can also be assessed from the point of view people of the area. Are they representing the public opinion of the constituency? A healthy debate on the perceived public opinion and governments actions on it can be take place on more concrete documentation and evidence in the country.

Elected Representatives - MLAs and MPs have to Prepare Periodic Memorandums and forward them to Government and Speaker of the Legislature

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