Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Financial (Banking, Mutual Funds and Insurance) Sector in India - Investment, Revenue and GDP Contribution

This sector has many big players and some small players. Stock broking and mutual fund distribution is small scale enterprise. Even insurance agents are small enterprises. Coperative banks are also small enterprises. Cooperative credit societies are also small enterprises. Self help group of microfinance are also small enterprises.


As of 30th June, 2016 there are a total of 84389 bank branches in rural areas out of the total 133668 bank branches of Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs) in the country.


In Maharashtra a bank branch serves 9,515 people; All-India average 9,280
Maharashtra had 11,810 offices of commercial banks in 2015

Updated 6 September 2017, 30 April 2016

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