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NITIE - Centre of Excellence - An Institute of National Importance - Dr. Satyapal Singh - Minister of State, HRD

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Dr. Satyapal Singh, Minister of State, HRD delivered the convocation address at NITIE on 23 September 2017. He emphasized that NITIE is one of the National  Institutes of Importance along with IITs, IIMs, IISc. Thus he made everyone present to remember the responsibility placed on the institute, its faculty and alumni to contribute to the development of the country.

You can listen to the full address in the video in FaceBook page

You can see in the following video, the importance, Dr. Satyapal Singh gave to  institutes of national importance, in his very early interview after taking charge as MoS, HRD.


4 September 2017

He mentioned the education and learning that take place in the institute have to benefit not only the student, but the whole society that extends up to the globe and the universe.

He emphasized the role of cooperation between students and teachers. He quoted the popular passage "Sahanaavavatu, Sahanau bhunaktu, Sahaveeeryam karavavahai, Maa vidvishaamahai."

He quoted passages from Bhagavadgita. He quoted Chanakya and told the convocating gradudates to utilize the knowledge gained in the course with focus on experiments, experience, excellence and expansion of the knowledge.

Getting a master's degree is only stage in the continuous learning requried in the life. The graduates were told to do "abhyas" on a continuous basis to keep abreast of knowledge and utilize it effectively in various projects and endeavours.

I got an opportunity to personally thank the minister for his convocation address and emphasize the need for continuous learning.

I am an advocate of continuous learning and created schemes of knowledge revision for Industrial Engineering and MBA courses. Both the schemes are well received globally.

Masters Level - Post Graduate Subject Revision Plans

One Year Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan

MBA Core Management Knowledge - One Year Revision Schedule

Principles of Industrial Engineering

I am also happy to record the information, that Principles of Industrial were developed for the first time in the history of the discipline of Industrial Engineering, by a faculty of NITIE.

Principles of Industrial Engineering -  Presentation Video


Principles of Industrial Engineering
Proceedings of the 2017 Industrial and Systems Engineering Conference
IISE, Pittsburgh, USA
Presentation Video
Full Paper -

A Framework for Functions of Industrial Engineering

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