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The motivation to write this knol is an orkut community:
Dharma Marga
The community is started by Pravin Choudhary .
He goes through every post in the community and responds to the posts every day. I try to follow his method for the communities that I started. But I can't match his routine.
The message Mr. Pravin Choudhary gives in his community profile is:
Today we have made ourselves too busy to care on religious values. Our attempt to talk over the piousness of every religion and spread the message of love and brotherhood for all human beings. We trust very strongly in 'All Religions are Same!' Sincerely we hate none. We hate all talk which divides us. Variations in religions must be tolerated and respected.  Wisdom must be shared as service to mankind.
Share your beautiful thoughts with all and learn good from all.
Dharmo Rakshati Rakshithaha
If you protect Dharma, Dharma will in turn protect you.
While I started writing on vedas beforehand, this community has a role to play in developing focus on behavior aspect. 
Hindu Dharma is based on Vedas. All the smrities and sutras are based on Vedas only. They elaborated the essential things in Vedas to make them more lucid and also to present their applications to contemporary issues.
My selection of 1000 statements from Sukla Yajurveda (Sukla yajurveda Sahasram) is also to further the same objective. It aims to bring before the current day public the behavioural prescrptions of Veda. It provides an opportunity to present managers of societies and other large groups to understand their implications for present day practice and come out with guidelines to their group members.
The directory of veda chapters written so far. (19th chapter is in progress now).
Directory Veda Knols - Sukla Yajurveda Sahasram
According to me brahmacharyam is learning period. Every child is to go through brahmacharyam before becoming a householder. Persons who want to study vedas go through a process of sankalpa called upanayanam. But according to me every child is to go through brahmacharyam. Every child has to learn something to earn his livelihood as well as to take care of himself and his family members in day to day life.
According to me sanyasi is a person who gives great service to the society but in return he expects very little from the society. A small piece of cloth to cover his secret parts is all he needs. He wants food at the time of lunch. He does not want a permanent house and he does not want any other comforts. He is prepared to use free goods that the nature provides and survive till God or nature allows him to survive. For a sanyasi, service to the society is service to God. In old age, our shastras say to people to take up sanyas. Give all wealth to children and expect very little from them.
Dharma Marga Community Members can write their comments and views here.
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