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Vallabhacharya - Shuddhadvaita (Pure Monism)

Vallabhacharya (1479 - 1531) called his system of thought Shuddhadvaita (pure monism).

According to him, it is by God's grace alone that one can obtain release from bondage and attain Krishna's heaven.

Vallabhacharya (1479-1532),  is the son of Lakshmana Bhatta and Yellamma Garu of telugu speaking area presently called Andhra Pradesh in India. They lived in Achanta. Achanta is  a big village in West Godavari District. His birthday is 11th day of the dark half of lunar month of chaitra. 

Vallabhacharya  jayanti is observed basically on Varudhini Ekadashi which occurs in the Krishna Paksha of Vaishakh month according to the North Indian calendar (Poornima Month end) and Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month according to South Indian calendar (Amavasya month end).
The surname of the family is Kambhampati. (The author of this blog post also has the same surname and is also from west godavari only)

Vallabha says that the entire universe is real and is subtly Brahman. The individual souls and the world are, in essence, one with Brahman. Jiva, Kala (time) and Prakriti or Maya are eternal existences, but they have no separate existence apart from Brahman.

Vallabha was a great Sanskrit scholar. He settled down first at Mathura and then at Varanasi. He preached with great zeal the Vaishnava cult and philosophy. He was the founder of many Vaishnava Mutts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. His followers are found in great numbers in Nathdwara.
The important works of Vallabha are Vyasa-Sutra Bhashya (Anu-Bhashya), Jaimini Sutra Bhashya, Bhagavata-Tika Subodhini, Pushti-Pravaha-Maryada and Siddhanta-Rahasya. All these books are in Sanskrit. He has written many books in Braj Bhasha also.

Vallabha’s advocated the worship of Vishnu in the form of Krishna. It was derived chiefly from the Vaishnava philosophy propounded by Ramanuja. It is centred round the conception of a personal and beneficent God.  God who is Sat-Chit-Ananda and provides Sat-Chit-Ananda.

Vallabha’s followers worship Bala-Krishna (Krishna as a lad). They have Vatsalya-Bhava (the attitude which regards God as a child) and take care of God as a child.


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