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Why Narendra Modi is the Top Preferred Candidate for PM by Voters in 2014?

25 January 2014
ABP News gives that 53% people want Modi as PM but only 31% is vote share of BJP. Will the vote share also go up due to campaigning in the future?
BJP workers need to be confident to put in the effort as Advani said.  Other parties presently have no good news to bank upon. Only BJP workers has the good news.

23 January 2014
When in the earlier attempt I tried to find the reason for choosing Modi as the top choice for PM I could not locate good answer. But today, India Voter Group - C Voter Mood of the Nation survey gives an answer.

It says
30% say Modi represents development
22% Good governance
22% Hindu nationalism
7% communalism

What does it mean? Modi has to emphasize development and good governance in his speeches. He has to spell out how will think of national development and how he will improve good governance in the country. He is answering the negative point of communalism in various talks by telling that his government policies are religion neutral. All policies and programmes are available to all people.

13 Jan 2014
ABP News Nielsen Survey
The survey says 48% want Modi as PM, 31% Arun Kejriwal and 16% Rahul Gandhi.

BJP party has to understand why Modi is the preferred choice at number one for PM post. They have to assure the electorate that they will deliver the results that electorate presently expects from Modi. The election campaign has to be built around it. Congress mukt bharat is not what people want primarily. Collection of a series of article and survey results is being done in this article to find out what people want from Modi.

Possible Reasons

* Narendra Modi showed his capability as an administrator and developed Gujarat. People hope that he will similarly administer and develop India.
* BJP state leaders feel, Narendra Modi will be able to guide each of them to develop their states with a model similar to that Gujarat.
* Narendra Modi was able to develop agriculture as well as industry in Gujarat.
* Narendra Modi could contain terrorism in Gujarat even though there were number of attempts to create terror in Gujarat.
* Narendra Modi showed how social integration can happen in India despite Godhra riots in 2002.
* In Narendra Modi's rule corruption was very minimum in Gujarat.
* Narendra Modi survived sustained attempts to implicate him various criminal cases and proved his ability as a tough man who can withstand enormous conflict.
* Narendra Modi proved himself as a political strategist par excellence by winning three assembly elections despite Godhra riots and a strong onslaught on him by rivals.

Why People Prefer Modi as Number One Choice for PM in 2014?- Surveys and Articles 

9 December

November 2013
Why Modi scores over Rahul Gandhi?
The Congress, they feel, is historical; Modi, they claim, is creating history.

31 October 2013
IBN Live Election Tracker - Gives characteristics voters are looking in a PM

Sep 2013

Why Modi as the next PM?

Why Narendra Modi could become PM.

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August 2013

Why Modi strikes a chord with the youth and not Rahul

26 July - IBN Live Trackers - Gives reasons voters are looking in a pm

April 2013

Surveys Giving Narendra Modi as the Most Preferred Candidate for PM of India in 2014

25 January
ABP Survey - 53% choose Narendra Modi


23 Jan 2014
India Voter Group - C Voter Mood of the Nation survey
47% Narendra Modi, 15% Rahul Gandhi, 9% Arvind Kejriwal, 1% Nitish Kumar, 1% Mulayam Singh Yadav

13 Jan 2014
ABP News Nielsen Survey
The survey says 48% want Modi as PM, 31% Arun Kejriwal and 16% Rahul Gandhi.

19 Sep

Jan 2013
Survey reveals 48% favour Modi, 18% want Rahul

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