Saturday, March 12, 2016

Indian National Academy of Engineering - Vision 2037

2037 is the 50th year of founding of the Academy

The asset of the Academy is 700 plus fellows, 70 plus young associates, and
60 plus foreign fellows.


Evolving policy framework for Government of India specifying set of principles and long term
goals that form the basis for its planning and development processes.

Enhancing socio-political awareness of engineering profession through interaction with experts,
stakeholders and administrators on issues that affect large sections of the Indian society.
Collaborating with other academies in interdisciplinary areas where major transformational
change has to be brought in through joint action

Fostering leadership in frontier technologies to build a sense of confidence in the ability of the
academy to respond to major developments in new engineering frontiers with internal intellectual

Evolving trans-disciplinary networking to execute programmes in areas of high national
importance which require inter-institutional collaboration to solve complex engineering problems
Leveraging innovation with growth through execution of specific programmes which can place
Indian engineering science ahead of global competitors

Nurturing creative talent in frontier engineering areas in formative years of education or research
for attractive career advancement

Fostering research/studies to create new knowledge leading to industrial innovation in new
product and process development areas

Facilitating industry driven education in frontline application areas like nanotechnology,
microelectronics, product engineering etc., for human resource development for R&D and manufacture

Enabling competitive manufacturing to support growth in newly developing markets in emerging
products of high consumer importance and

Participating in International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences
(CAETS) and other international bodies in a sustained manner in areas of synergic interests.

With hard work, untiring efforts, perseverance even under adversity and committed fellowship,
the INAE will strive to achieve academic, intellectual, social and moral excellence in all its activities.
Fuelling this conviction are INAE's core values of inquiry, engineering proficiency and accountability. The INAE passionately believes that they will ensure rewarding and inspiring engineering outcomes
contributing to nation building.

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