Saturday, March 12, 2016

Research & Development in Construction Sector in India

R&D Infrastructure
In the field of construction sector in India, the institutions doing continuous and
significant amount of developmental work include Construction Industry
Development Council (CIDC), Central Building Research Institute (CBRI),
Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC), Institute of Steel
Development & Growth (INSDAG), Central Institute of Plastics Engineering &
Technology (CIPET), National Council for Cement and Building Materials (NCB),
Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) and Research Designs and Standards
Organisation (RDSO) amongst others.

R&D Vision and Strategy for 2012 - 2017 - 12 Plan Period

R&D works may focus on
immediate goals of cost reduction, resource conservation, improvement in
quality and safety along with the pioneering innovations which can bring
about paradigm shift in material and processes. Key improvements are
expected in areas relating to energy, water, biodiversity and waste
management. R&D focus thus would galvanize and accelerate imbibing good
practices and new technologies.
• R&D vision shall motivate towards an innovative sustainable and productive
construction industry and shall ensure collaboration and alignment amongst
policy makers and all sections of the construction industry supply chain. A
clear objective and identification of well defined research projects would
accelerate development of an innovative mind-set and in time should cause
users to demand change.

Comprehensive approach to Research and Development shall cover:
‐ User requirements.
‐ Design and engineering of better assets which are sustainable and
‐ Construction of assets which conserve energy and water resources and
are easy to operate, maintain and deconstruct.
‐ Improved materials with optimum use of raw materials and with emphasis
on recycling of resources.
‐ Construction techniques and methodologies which promote safety and
‐ Minimizing waste generation and environmental friendly waste
‐ Effective communication and validation procedures.
 Innovations in Economics and Management of Construction Sector.
‐ Processes and systems to ensure wide reach of benefits for urban as well
as rural sectors.
‐ Integrate the research in construction of infrastructure development with
the national employment programmes such as National Rural Employment
Guarantee Act (NREGA) and Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojna
‐ Promoting collaboration amongst policy makers, research institutions,
academic institutions and construction industry.

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