Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Energy - Modi Govt. Economic Policy and Programmes - BJP Election Manifesto


Energy - Generate More, Use Rationally, Waste Less

BJP realizes the need to focus on generation and distribution of power as a national security issue, so that the growth is not negatively impacted due to supply issues in the energy sector. The overarching goal of energy security is to ensure affordable energy for various consumer segments. Steps will be taken to avoid over- dependence on any one fuel and ensure supplier diversity, to avoid reliance on one supplier, country and developing indigenous capacities to meet the emerging needs.
BJP will:
- Come out with a responsible and comprehensive 'National Energy Policy'.
- Focus on development of energy infrastructure, human resource development and upgradation of technology.
- Take steps to maximize the potential of oil, gas, hydel power, ocean, wind, coal and nuclear sources. BJP considers energy efficiency and conservation crucial to energy security.
- Set up small-hydro power generation projects to harness the hydropower that is not being used at the moment. Small projects can be set up with local support and without displacement of the local population.
- Take Steps to increase the domestic coal exploration and production, to bridge the demand and supply gap. Oil and gas explorations would also be expedited in the country. This will also help to reduce the import bill.
- Give a thrust to renewable sources of energy as an important component of India's energy mix.
- Expand and strengthen the national solar mission.

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