Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Railway - Modi Govt. Economic Policy and Programmes - BJP Election Manifesto



Indian Railways is the lifeline of the country. It will be modernized, strengthened and upgraded to serve passengers as well as the country's economy. This will be done in a planned manner focusing on national development, rather than political exigency.
- Hinterland will be connected to the ports through strategic new Rail networks.
- Agri Rail network will be established - with Train Wagons designed to cater to the specific needs of perishable Agricultural products like milk and vegetables as well as light weight wagons for salt movement.
- Tourist Rail - including Pilgrimage Rail.
- Railways Modernization, inducting of state-of-the-art technology.
- Special focus on developing skilled human resources to meet future demand.
- Prioritize Safety and invest in long required overhaul of stressed infrastructure, strict norms and warning systems.
- Modernize and equip all stations with requisite infrastructure and public utilities.
- Convert all unmanned crossings into manned crossings in a phased manner.
- Initiate R&D for indigenous railways, coach design and signals.
- We will launch Diamond Quadrilateral project - of High Speed Train network (bullet train).

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