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Physical Infrastructure - Modi Govt. Economic Policy and Programmes - BJP Election Manifesto

BJP Manifesto : Lok Sabha Elections 2014

Physical Infrastructure - Better than the Best

India should no longer be limited by its infrastructure. In fact, we have to create robust infrastructure, which drives growth. For this purpose, we have to devote ourselves for a decade. We have to think big. Also, looking to the expansion in our population as well as social and economic activities, we have to build our infrastructure in a futuristic way. Growth of this sector means the growth of cement, steel, electricity and many other associated industries and directly leads to massive job creation. To achieve this, we will take following steps.
- Work on the Freight Corridors and attendant Industrial Corridors will be expedited. This will result in the faster movement of people and goods.
- Remote states like those in the Northeast and Jammu and Kashmir will be connected with the rest of India through world class highways and rail lines.
- National Highway construction projects will be expedited, especially Border and Coastal highways.
- Every village will be connected through all-weather roads.
- We shall modernize existing and operational Airports, and build new ones especially connecting smaller towns and all tourism circuits. In addition, there is a potential for inland air transportation to various remote and local locations in the country. Such air strips will be developed so that low cost air travelling becomes possible within the country.
- We will evolve an economic model of Port-led development. India is blessed with a long coastline.
We will modernize existing ports on one hand, and develop new ones on the other - stringing together our Sagar Mala project.
- Public Private Partnership would be encouraged to tap into private sector resources as well as expertise. An institutional framework would be established for the same; while regulators would be given greater autonomy as well as accountability.

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December 12, 2016

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