Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Housing - Modi Govt. Economic Policy and Programmes - BJP Election Manifesto

BJP Manifesto : Lok Sabha Elections 2014

Housing - No Longer a Mirage

We will roll out a massive Low cost Housing programme to ensure that by the time the nation completes 75 years of its Independence, every family will have a pucca house of its own. It will be an innovatively designed scheme that dovetails various existing programmes and also encourages the housing sector by appropriate policy interventions and credit availability including interest subventions, where necessary.

Our proposed programme will further ensure that these houses are equipped with the basic facilities of toilet, piped water supply, electricity and proper Access. To do this we will amongst others:
- Prioritize all our resources towards this goal.
- Leverage on land as a resource in urban areas and demand for unskilled labour in the rural areas.
- Innovatively structure the programme to converge and dovetail various existing programmes, while adding the missing links.
- Simultaneously encourage the overall housing sector, through appropriate policy interventions and credit availability and interest subvention schemes.

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