Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Labour Force - Modi Govt. Economic Policy and Programmes - BJP Election Manifesto

BJP Manifesto : Lok Sabha Elections 2014

Labour Force - The Pillar of Our Growth

BJP recognizes the fact that the labour is the key to the revival of the economy and so are the laws governing them. We believe in promoting a harmonious relationship between labour and the industry, with both playing an important contributory role in economic growth and development.
We will ensure that the interests of labour in the unorganized sector are protected.
For the organized labour, we propose to encourage industry owners and labour to embrace the concept of 'Industry Family'. This concept, in which industry owners and labours bond as a family, is guided by the principles of efficiency, skill development and upgradation, productivity, appropriate wages and perquisites, and security towards this end. We will:
- issue identity cards to the unorganized sector labourers, and arrangements will be made to provide them good quality health and education services. Also, their skills will be upgraded through appropriate training programs.
- extend access to modern financial services to labour - including considering the option of setting up a dedicated Workers Bank.
- bring together all stakeholders to review our Labour laws which are outdated, complicated and even contradictory.
- strengthen the Pension and Health Insurance safety nets for all kinds of labourers.

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