Sunday, July 1, 2018

2019 Lok Sabha - Congress Party - Challenger Strategies

In Lok Sabha 2019 election, BJP/NDA is the leader having won the election in the last one in 2014. Hence its strategies are similar to a market leader in product marketing.

Congress party and any coalition it forms is a challenger. Hence, Congress party's strategies are to be analyzed by comparing them to the challenger strategies outlined in Marketing books.

Findings of survey to guide Congress’ 2019 poll strategy
6 June 2018

Congress likely to win 5 of the 7 seats

Eye on Elections 2019, Congress to target the poor in urban areas
The Congress has consistently ceded its urban vote bank to the BJP, and now by targeting informal workers in cities, the party wants to reverse that trend
Mon, Apr 02 2018.
89 answers on Quora
August 20, 2017

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