Tuesday, April 7, 2015

India has Resources to Excel in the Third Industrial Revolution

India missed the first and second industrial revolutions. But India is well poised to prosper in the third industrial revolution.

Third industrial revolution is based on renewable energy and internet or digital communication. India has the basic resources required in both the areas.

Jeremy Rifkin described India as Saudi Arabia of Renewable Energy and exhorted Indian policy makers and businessmen to concentrate on renewable energy and develop technology for harnessing it.

In the area of digital communication also, India is well endowed with large number of educational institutes and graduates and post graduates. It made a name for the software services in international markets thus providing the base for further progress in the field. What is needed is the realization that a great opportunity is there to encash by focusing on developing renewable energy and digital communication to provide them to domestic consumers and provide services related to them in international markets by being ahead in technology developments in these two areas.

News items on Rifkin in India

Ficci press release on mega trends  http://www.ficci.com/pressrelease/856/FICCI-press-jan-17-megatrends.pdf





Articles and Video on Rifkin's Third Industrial Revolution Idea

Jeremy Rifkin is Wharton School professor who authored the best selling book “The third industrial revolution.”

7 April 2015

It is interesting to read to this new item. Modi Government has embarked on big solar energy push.

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