Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sania Mirza becomes World Number Number 1 in Tennis - Women's Doubles - Great News for India

12 April 2015, Sunday

Sania Mirza became World Number 1 in Tennis - Women's Doubles.

A great achievement for a girl from Hyderabad that too from a muslim family. She faced many obstacles to play tennis in a tennis usual outfit. She withstood all threats and orders and continued playing and proved her ability in a field of her choice on the world level. It only shows that religious leaders are always not right. They may be right in some aspects of life but not in each and every aspect.

She faced problems in her personal life. But overcome those problems still maintained her focus and won the ultimate victory.

Hats off to Sania Mirza.

Speech by Sania Mirza after becoming World Number 1

WTA upload

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