Thursday, April 9, 2015

India - Demographic Trends - 2050

Pew, USA based think tank came out with a prediction. In 2050 , in India Hindus will grow to 1.3 billion but will constitute 77 percent from present 80%. Muslims will rise to 311 million and will constitute 18% from present 14%.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad is calling Hindus to have more children. Reported papers. Is it knee jerk reaction? Does the present generation most of whom were born after 1947 care about this changes in population mix? If nationalistic spirit is very strong, religious differences do not matter. Is there any force in the country promoting nationalism? Is there a force in the country promoting religious differences and isolation of religions? Are there people trying to benefit from a difference by aggravating the difference further on imagined issues that leverage the basic difference? Are forces trying to bring unity among neighbours who have different religions.

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