Monday, April 27, 2015

Doing - Getting - Using - Giving - Four Great Duties of Every Individual - Hindu Philosophy

Hindu philosophy proposed four purusharthas.  Dharma - Artha - Kama - Moksha.

They represent - doing - getting - using - and giving.

Deen Dayal Upadhyay, an eminent thinker of India proposed the idea of integral humanism. A human being takes care of multiple demands on him and keeps his body(includes brain) and the related mind in equilibrium. Similarly human beings also keep their society in equilibrium despite multiple demands that conflict. Cooperation among the various organs of the body is very high and conflicting demands are very small. Similarly in societies also, cooperation is the dominant social process. Conflict can be there but they are understood, exploitation is identified and actions are taken to punish the offenders, the people who suffered due to the exploitation are helped in various ways to recover and society moves forward.

Lara Aknin et al. in the research paper provide support to the altruistic motive of people. That is people giving money to other to help. This is the giving act of people. You are there on earth not only to satisfy your desires but you are there to help others. Your salvation depends on the amount of help that you give to others in your life.

Spending Money on Others Promotes Happiness
Elizabeth W. Dunn1 , Lara B. Aknin1 , Michael I. Norton2
1 University of British Columbia, 2 Harvard Business School

Doing Good - Feeling Good - Lecture by Dr. Lara Aknin

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