Friday, September 5, 2014

Teachers' Day 2014 Special - A Teacher in the News - Hiren Joshi - Narendra Modi's Social Media Manager

Many teachers have done well as practitioners in many professions. But in the modern education system, teaching is a specialised activity and not an incidental activity to the practice of a skill or a set of skills.  In the apprentice system of education and training, it is the practitioner who educated and developed some persons who were willing to work under him and learn. It was a slow process and also it is not an appropriate process when a person has to be educated in multiple subjects. A new type of education system in which not one teacher but multiple teachers educate a number of children has come up. The education process has become a scheduled activity and the teacher has to prepare for his classes according to a schedule drawn up by the institute. Hence his practice of any skill has become a secondary activity and in many cases it disappeared. The situation is ripe for many people making fun of teachers as good for nothing persons. But it is not true. Many teachers who take up practical activities after some time in teaching have succeeded in a big way even though many might have failed. The failure is because of lack of learning a trade as an young practitioner and understanding various nuances of practice over a period of time. Where success has come, it is due to the fact that teachers have in depth knowledge, have multiple perspectives of a discipline and also a good familiarity with large chunk of science based knowledge of the discipline.

In this year, Hiren Joshi can be cited as one such teacher who excelled in practice what he taught as a teacher.

Hiren Joshi obtained his PhD from the Indian Institute of information technology & Management, Gwalior. His basic engineering degree is in electronics. He was an assistant professor at the Manikya Lal Verma Textile and Engineering college, Bhilwara. He has over 18-years of teaching experience before took up the assignment of supporting Narendra Modi in social and digital media activities in 2008. Today Narendra Modi's successful use of social media is well known to the world and Hiren Joshi deserves the recognition for his contribution as a practitioner the discipline that he taught as a teacher.

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