Saturday, October 31, 2015

District Level E Commerce Vendor Facilitator - A Business Opportunity in E Commerce World

E commerce websites provide an opportunity for  skilled persons any where in the country to become vendors of the site and have the entire India and even globe as their market place. According to my estimate, around 10,000 firms from each district in India have the opportunity of becoming a vendor on E commerce site in the first major phase of E commerce expansion in India. But how does the evolution come about. There is role for E Commerce Vendor facilitators as district level to provide the initial information to the potential vendors and handhold him to become a registered vendor on an online retail site and supply his goods and get money. From then on there is management consultancy opportunity to grow the business. The vendor can register for more sites and the facilitator can help him in the process.

This is an interesting opportunity to help entrepreneurs and create new entrepreneurs.

What is the business Opportunity. Let us start with an estimate of Rs 15 lakhs manufacturing cost for the vendor firms and 10,000 firms will have total Rs. 1500 crores as manufacturing cost.  So one can think of one time consultancy fee of Rs 100 crores and around Rs. 15 crores every year as income. On a 10 year basis the total come to Rs. 250 crores. It means an annual income of Rs. 25 crore.

Assume that 10 consultants succeed in this service segment, So you have Rs. 2,5 crore per year business opportunity. Go ahead and try your hand.

30 December 2015

Ecommerce facilitation by enet in Karnataka

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