Saturday, October 31, 2015

District Level Quality Inspection and Control Opportunity - E Commerce Vendor Quality Assurance Opportunity

E commerce in China has 80 lakh vendors. In India also there is scope for developing such a vendor base. Every district in India can have a vendor base of 10,000 firms supplying or selling goods and services through online retail sites Amazon, Flip Cart, Snap Deal etc. But these vendors need to be certified, checked for quality for a certain number of initial transactions and then subjected to statistical quality control checks.

Hence there is self employment opportunity of persons interesting in setting up firms that take up quality certification and assurance services at district level for large number of vendors.

What is the size of business?

Each E commerce vendor is expected to sell goods whose manufacturing cost is equal to Rs. 15 lakhs. When we multiply it by 10,000 vendors per district the total for a district comes to Rs. 1500 crores. The quality control service fee is a part of it. If we take the fee as one percent the total business opportunity is Rs. 15 crores. If we think 5 firms will establish themselves in this business each firm can have business to the tune of Rs. 3 crore per year.

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