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18 December - India National Minorities Day

18 December - Minorities Rights Day in India.

It is important to discuss the rights and responsibilities of minority communities and the majority community in India on this day. India has a peculiar characteristic. The government in Delhi is in minority religion people's hands for a long period of time in History. That naturally leads to the feeling of exploitation and neglect by the majority community. Was neglect and exploitation of the majority community a historical fact? Historians have to answer the question.

The National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992.
Act XIX of 1992, passed on 17.5.1992, enforced w.e.f 17.5.1993; amended by National Commission for Minorities (Amendment) Act 1995 [Act XLI of 1995 passed on 8.9.1995] for creating the post of a Vice-Chairman out of the originally six Members.

2010 Seminar by Naya Zamana
2010 Seminar by Naya Zamana - A report by Suraji Dasgupta



The National Commission for Minorities celebrated the Minority Rights Day here today. Speaking on the occasion, the Chairman, National Commission for Minorities, Justice Mohammed Shamim highlighted the importance of the day and the role of the Commission in protecting the rights of the minority communities and in bringing about better understanding among the various religious minority communities in India. Sardar Tarlochan Singh, Vice Chairman and other Members of the Commission also participated in the function.

It was on 18th December, 1992 that the United Nations adopted and promulgated the Declaration on the Rights of Persons belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities declaring that :

"States shall protect the existence of the national or ethnic, cultural,

religious and linguistic identity of minorities within their respective

territories and encourage conditions for the promotion of that identity"

Accordingly, the National Commission for Minorities has been observing the 18th December as the Minorities Rights Day every year.

A special issue of the Commission's publication, namely "MINORITIES INDIA" was released by the Chairman on this occasion which highlighted the activities of the Third Statutory Commission of the National Commission for Minorities.

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