Friday, December 5, 2014

Home Guards - India



 At the Central level, the Director General Civil Defence in the Ministry of Home Affairs deals with the matters concerning the raising, training and equipping of the Home Guards in the country.  A Deputy Director General, an Assistant Director General, a Senior Staff Officer and a Junior Staff Officer, together with other secretarial staff, assist him.

At the State level, the general supervision and control of the Home Guards vests in the Commandant General, who is either in the rank of DGP/IGP or a senior DIG of Police.  The control of Home Guards at the Divisional level is vested in a Divisional Commandant who is equivalent in rank to a Superintendent of Police or an army Major.  A District Commandant who is equivalent in rank either to a Dy.S.P or a Captain commands Home Guards in a district.

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