Thursday, May 15, 2014

BJP's Win is Team Work - Not Modi's Effort Alone - Modi is a Team Player - Not a Loner

15 May 2014

The way media reported the BJP campaign, people feel that only Modi made all the effort to campaign in the 16th Lok Sabha election. But it is not true. Modi dependent on many people to carry out the campaign as well as to settle alliances and manage alliances. For example, problems related to Andhra Pradesh alliance with TDP were sorted out by Prakash Javadekar. Problems related to Tamilnadu were sorted out by Muralidhara Rao. Rajiv Prasad Rudy made number of trips to Maharashtra to deal with allies.

Similarly, in article in Economic Times(14 May 2014), Jyoti Malhotra mentioned that Yogi Adityanath addressed 46 election meetings in various parliament constituencies to campaign for BJP. Number of spokespersons of BJP emphasized the point that Modi was a team player. They were happy to be in the team.

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