Saturday, May 17, 2014

Narendra Modi - Shivaji of Modern India

Narendra Modi is the success man of Hindutva Brigade. While the credit of nurturing the party for many years goes to Vajpayee and Advani, and the credit for making the choice of a substantial majority of citizens of India goes to Narendra Modi. He brought together the existing resources of BJP into a winning combination through his performance in Gujarat. He created a hope in the people across India, that his rule will bring prosperity to India. Parama Vaibhav Bharat is the objective of RSS. Modi as an RSS member and pracharak sings this song every day. Parama Vaibhav Bharat is the mission of RSS.

Modi became the vehicle for the development of India, which is the mission of RSS. But Hindutva became an important milestone. RSS argued that if Bharat is to avoid foreign domination once again, it has to unite the Hindus and create a feeling of nationalism in  them. They chose cultural unity as an intermediate objective for it. There can be religious diversity but there has to be cultural unity.

Advani tried to explain the cultural unity to people. Modi has not spent much time in his political life as chief minister in the issues of Hindutva and cultural unity. He immersed himself in development of the state and in taking care of all Gujaratis irrespective of religion. He publicly boasted of 25% vote from Muslims in Gujarat. If he can achieve it at all-India level in the next election, Modi will be the first person from BJP to transcend the caste and religion differences in Indian elections.

Narendra Modi's Speech at Varanasi on 17 May 2014

Narendra Modi said he will concentrate on making Varanasi (Kashi) as the spiritual guru of India.  Unless Kashi becomes first the national spiritual guru, India cannot become the world guru. Then he said, whenever, India is on top of spiritual thinking, its economic progress was also at peak. Hence, his emphasis on Kashi as a spiritual center, also means economic progress of Kashi and India. Thus Modi connected, spiritual progress to economic progress of India. He used the term "vaibhav" in this context. Every RSS man sings that he will work for the param vaibhavam of Bharat Mata. Modi thus brought out his vision or dream for the param vaibhav Bharat through spiritual institution development of Varanasi. 

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