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Modi's (BJP's) Social Media and Mobile Campaign Strategy

Modi's complete campaign - A summary by India Today 9 May 2014


Download Modi Mission BJP 272+ Volunteer APP for Smart Phones


Narendra is now available in Urdu

Narendra in Sanskrit now -

BJP Web Site

Narendra Modi - Social Media Pages and Blogs

Google+ Page  786,150 followers on 3.9.2003
Twitter page  2,896,291 followers on 3.12.2013
Facebook page  3,419,547 likes 3.9.2013

17 April 2014
Sevanti Ninan
Narendra Modi's campaign is an object lesson in using extraordinary organization to bypass the mainstream media. Ten websites, a YouTube channel, showing rallies live on online media (YouTube and YuvaiTV), efforts by special team to recruit volunteers at rallies, all show a planned organization and initiative. The campaign also aims at recruiting 5000 web volunteers for each urban parliamentary constituency. Journalists are not the main vehicle to reach the masses.  The conduct of mainstream media during his troubled years made Modi turn to social media and Modi used it to great advantage.

Modi addressed a large number of rallies also. In the interview to ANI, he specially mentioned that he has the energy to visit each and every district in India and establish connect with the people. He is using 3D technology to address people in large number of locations simultaneously. Critics accuse that BJP is spending lot of money for Modi rallies. But, one can look at from the other angle. There is need for the leader of the party to tour across the country and talk to people. Especially the opposition leader has to do it more. The incumbent prime minister is any way in contact with people on a continuous basis. His need to visit all the constituencies during the election year is less compared to the opposition leader. So we need to estimate the cost of travelling across the length and breadth of the country and treat this expenditure as a required expenditure. How it is raised or is to be raised needs to be discussed rather than criticizing Modi and BJP for doing it successfully in this election.

24 February 2014
Modi campaign - very well organized - India Today Report

10 February 2014

BJP Mission 272+ has 1.5 crore volunteers. Digital media is playing a big role in the emergence of this volunteer group.

31 Jan 2014


24 January 2014


This vision was articulated by Modi in National Council Address on 19 January in Delhi Ramlila grounds.
Does it address development and good governance - the reasons for which Modi is top choice for PM

10 January
Modi selecting Mission 272+ members as constituency coordinators

2 January 2014

Mobile application for India272+ launched by Shri Narendra Modi

28 December 2013
Caravan Trucks to visit 7 lakh villages and hamlets of India flagged from Ahmedabad by Narendra Modi


15 December 2013

Run for Unity - A Great Campaign in Memory of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Run for Unity had 45,63,000 online registrations.

3 December 2013

Modi Cyber Supporters (MCSs) are in single digit millions. But electorate of India is 770 million. Can they reach them. The MCSs are confident that they will reach a large number of through social media.

The CSMs are proud that Modi has worked his way up from being a tea boy. While Modi has the support of conservative RSS cadres earlier. Now, the new support group is the aspirational young Indian who sees hope in Modi to write the story of economic success. (Based on Reuters article published in Mint on 3.12.2013.

But an interesting new item in today's papers is that some papers in Pakistan are hoping for Modi's win and consequent improvement India- Pakistan Trade. This is a new direction of support for Modi.

November 2013

Kalyan Singh did it once. Now, in 2014, will Modi’s backward caste social origin be enough to recapture the middle peasantry? Presently the only road to Raisina Hill for Modi is through the heartland. And as yet, there is nothing to prove that Modi has rekindled the neo-kshatriyahood of the OBCs.

NDA can reach 200 seats  - CNN IBN poll

October 2013

19 October - Kanpur Rally
18 October - Chennai - Nani Palkhiwala Memorial Address - India and the World
14 October
On the evening of Monday 14th October 2013 Shri Narendra Modi addressed the Global Meet of the Emerging Markets Forum through video conferencing. The topic of Shri Modi’s speech was ‘Effective Governance in Democracy: The Gujarat Experience.’
5 October
Addressing the first ever India International Bullion Summit organized by the Bombay Bullion Association through video conferencing, Shri Narendra Modi inspired the audience to raise the voice for the interests of the goldsmiths and raise their voice against smuggling.

30 September 2013
Appeal to people to join the enterprise of building Statue of Unity

27 September
BJP identifies 160 Lok Sabha seats as digital constituencies and is Building a network of 10,000 volunteers and digital tools for unconnected areas.

22 Sep 2013
Narendra Modi addressed Indian diaspora through videoconferencing.

20 Sep 2013
Modi's digital campaign - for registration of voters

17 Sep
20 booth level workers from each ofthe 53000 polling booths in M.P have booked entry passes by payinh rs. 5 for 25 sep meeting BHOPAL TO BE ADDRESSED BY mModi and Advani
13 September 2013
Modi declared as the PM candidate of BJP

Accepting the party decision, Modi gave a slogan "nayi soch, nayi ummeed" (new thinking, new hope) and said the BJP will go the 2014 polls with the plank of good governance and development while fighting against corruption and price rise.



Modi will rise to the occasion. Says First Post article

28 August 2013
Amit Shah's strategies in UP
Gujarat has 18,000 villages. Shah set up election management cells in small clusters of villages and then finally in the villages themselves. Can he repeat it in UP?

14 August 2013
Gopinath Munde and Ravi Shankar Prasad, announced a website page through which public can give inputs regarding their grievances against UPA government.
They are also visiting some places to interact with people and get their personal inputs.

8 August 2013
Modi's Newsletter on Social Media

100,000 Social Media Volunteers to be recruited by BJP

Chetan Bhagat says BJP needs 200 committed volunteers per constitency

Modi's Interview on Social Media Use in improving democracy


Narendra Modi's Campaign Strategies

Modi finalized his committees for election work.

Online campaign through tools like whatsapp will be managed by  an information communication campaign committee headed by young Piyush Goyal.

The booth management committee will be headed by Rajiv Pratap Rudy. A special software has been prepared by the party wherein details of all the booths in the country will be input and available at the click of a mouse. The party also intends to depute 10 youths-per booth for micromanaging the elections.

These days effective usage of YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and BBM is on the rise. The younger generation from rural as well as urban areas makes use of social media where opinions about the UPA government and its leaders are available with illustrations. Similarly, the state BJP unit can assess how these mediums can be used to create opinion about the state leadership of the ruling parties, he said.

Modi totld the Maharashtra unit of the party in his first visit to get him social media addresses of 1 lakh people from each of the 48 Lok Sabha seats in the state.

Enrol 1000 youth and Meet Narendra Modi - BJP workers are being energized.

Recruit more than 5000 members and have a dinner with Narendra Modi

Mobile Campaign Strategy

Connect  the news items and you get the strategy and tactics of Modi clearly. Mobile was used by Vajpayee and Advani election campaigns. But this Modi will use a different channel for his mobile strategy. This the mobile strategy will include the booth committee. Modi is asking for the formation of booth committees and he will ask for the mobile number of each of the booth committee members. In turn the booth committee members will be asked to provide the mobile numbers of persons they contacted.

In 2009, the electorate was 714 million and 828,804 polling stations were used in the election. Hence Modi is looking to 82,880,400 mobile numbers through his booth committee network. If one assumes there are voter for each mobile number collected, its translates to reaching 250 million voters. Approximately 420 million voters exercised their franchise in 2009. Hence reaching 250 million votes through mobile campaign will be a good reach. Definitely Congress can replicate this strategy. Mobile marketers have to come out with ideas to make their campaign unique and catchy. Here again the involvement of rank and file can make a difference. (Source:,_2009 ,   )

Centralized mobile campaign - Collecting mobile numbers and sending messages from central office to all.
Decentralized mobile campaign - the booth committee members can be asked to send mobile messages.
Centralized decentralized campaign - From the central offices, messages in the name of booth committee members can be sent to the mobile numbers provided by each booth committee member. This may have better effect, as local person is involved in the message.

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