Saturday, May 17, 2014

Modi Your Time Starts Now - You Have Five Years in this Game of National Development

"Modi Your Time Starts Now" is the headline given by Shekhar Gupta for his article on Modi's victor in 16th Lok Sabha Elections in Indian Express.

Modi is possibly the most powerful self-made Indian leader ever. wrote, Shekhar Gupta

Of course Mahatma Gandhi was also a self made leader. But that was during the independence when leadership meant sacrifices and jails.

It is certainly an apt headline. Modi's real game starts now. Whether he will succeed or fail will be decided after 5 years. Indian citizens have reposed confidence in his abilities and promises and gave him a 5 year term. They will cheer him when he entertains them and shows progress and they may go on strikes when they are made unhappy but 5 years they are going be participants in this political theatre with Narendra Modi being given the role of main actor.

So, the India is eagerly awaiting the oath ceremony of Narendra Modi. It was announced that the BJP parliamentary party will meet on 20 May 2014. Then only, the date for oath taking will be announced.

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