Sunday, August 21, 2016

Absorbent Cotton (Surgical Cotton) Manufacture - Project Report - Business Plan  - 150 MT capacity

Quantity : 300 M. T.
Value (Rs.) : 21.47 Lakhs

ii) Machinery and Equipment :
Sl.No.           Description Qty (Nos.)                Value (Rs.)
1 High pressure Keir(MS) inside coated with acid resistant epoxy coating, fitted with pump, steam pipe, capacity 2000 kgs. Charge of cotton with all accessories 1 1,70,000/-
2 Carding machine (Revolving flat high production) 1016 mm width with dust extruder, electronic stop motion, brush rolls, stripping brush rolls and other accessories.  7,50,000/-
3 Two compartment continuous cotton dryer with steam heating arrangements at 100 psi provided with trolley, electrical heaters and electric control panel  6,60,000/-
4 Porcupine cleaners 1200 mm working with 406 mm diporcupine type cylinder with strikers having two striking
edges, centrally adjustable grid bars and reduction gear, electric
motor(5 HP) for materials transport with accessories.
5 Centrifugal Hydro-extractor with S.S. Basket dia 1000 mm
fitted with motor and other accessories 1 90,000/-
6 Wet cotton opener working width 1000 mm fitted with motors
and accessories 1 48,000/-
7 Vertical opener with 7 steel discs and three separate centrally
adjustable settings for beater and grid bars fitted with motor 5
HP complete with accessories
1 1,00,000/-
8 Single soutcher and lap machine 1065 mm working width with
Kirschener beater, centrally adjustable grid bars, high pressure
device for loading calendar rollers and lap racks, etc. for
making lap holder for continuous operations with 10 HP motor
starter etc.
2     6,50,000/-
9 Rolling and winding machine 1320 mm on face, complete with
motor starter and other accessories 2      60,000/-
10 Small band saw type machine with motor for rolls cutting 2 17,000/-
11 Air compressor for lapping machine 1         13,000/-
12 Coal/wood fired boiler 1000 kg/ hrs. Evaporation capacity, 50
psi complete with feed pump and accessories 1           1,95,000/-
13 Water overhead tank of 10,000 liters capacity and tube well
fitted with accessories
14 Water treatment plant for treating process water required for
boiler and keir
L.S. 85,000/-
15 Water and pipe connection with insulation, various M.S. tanks
and concrete tanks for washing purpose etc. L.S. 47,000/-
16 Weighing scale, sealing machine and balancing equipments - 5,000/-
17 Testing equipments such as pH meter, Soxhlet–extractor,
chemical balance, crucibles, furnace, oven, etc. - 1,20,000/-
18 Electrification and installation charges - 3,00,000/-
19 Pollution Control and Energy Conservation equipments. - 1,50,000/-
Total 37,90,000/-

Total Capital Investment:            Amount in Rs.
a) Fixed Capital                            46,45,000/-
b) Working Capital for 3 months 43,13,775/-
 Total:                                           89,58,775/-  (2010 information)

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