Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ice Cream Manufacture Business - Project Report Business Plan

Ice cream is marketed in cups, cones, family pack or party packs and as slabs.
The capacity suggested is:
Item                                     March to  October                    November to February
                                                    In nos.                                         In nos.
1. Ice-Cream
a) big size cups                          50,000                                            25,000
 b) small size cups                     80,000                                            50,000

2. Ice-cream slabs                      16,000                                              8,000
3. Ice-cream (party pack)          10,000                                               4,000

The total capital requirement including fixed capital and working capital is estimated at Rs 19.57
lakhs as follows.

Of this, the project cost comprising fixed capital and margin money on working
capital is Rs.17.00 lakhs. 

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