Saturday, August 20, 2016

Chemicals - Small Scale Industrial Units - Project Reports - Business Plans - India

Small Scale Units/Firms in India - Project Reports - Business Plans

Absorbent Cotton (Surgical Cotton) - Acetic Acid from Ethanol -  Acetic Anhydride
- Acetylene Black - Acetylene Gas and Oxygen (Integrated Unit) -  Acid Slurry by Manual Process
Acrylic Sheets (Measuring Instruments, Auto Components, Buttons, Transparent Casings)
Activated Alumina - Activated Bleaching Earth (Activated Fullers Earth) -
Activated Carbon & Sodium Silicate from Paddy & Rice Husk -  Activated Carbon from Cashew Nut Shell -  Activated Carbon from Rice Husk Coconut Shell and Coconut Powder -  Activated Carbon from Wood - Activated Carbon Powder & Granule from Coconut Shell -  Aerosol Insecticides Spray (Baygon, Hit, Mortien type) - Agarbatti Synthetic Perfumery Compounds -  Agarbatti Sticks -
Alcohol from Potato - Alcohol from Rice Husk -  Alkyd Resin (Synthetic Resin for Manufacturing Paints) - Alkylated Phenol like Nonyl Phenol Dodecyl Phenol -  Alum for Water Treatment - Aluminium Hydroxide Gel (Used as Antacid in Ulcers and hyper-acidity) -  Aluminium Ingot from Bauxite -  Aluminium Phosphate -  Aluminium Phosphide -  Amines and Allied Products
Ammonia Gas -  Ammonia Gas Bottling -  Ammonia Liquor - Ammonia Paper, Ferroprussiate Paper, Reproduction Tracing Paper -  Ammonium Chloride (Pure & Technical) -  Aniline
Anthranilic Acid from Phthalic Anhydride - Anthraquinone - Antimony Trioxide -  Argon Gas -
Arts Colours - Oil, Water and Wax Based) - Auto Rubber Components & Rubber Washers -  Azo Dyes (Direct and Acid)

Silica Gel -


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