Saturday, August 20, 2016

Fruit and Vegetable Processing Unit - Project Report - Business Plan

Canned fruit pulp and vegetables

Canning a method of preservation in which a cooked or uncooked food is sealed in tin plated
and lacquered steel cans. The sealed cans are sterilized by heat treatment under high pressure
in retort. The temperature required for effective sterilization varies with the pH of the product
and is generally higher than boiling point of water (100°C or 212°F).


Pickling is a process of  fermentation. The fruits and vegetables are immersed in 5–10 per cent salt solution (brine) leading to lactic acid fermentation. Salt prevents growth of undesirable organisms and allow lactic acid bacteria to grow. The natural sugars present in fruits and vegetables are converted to lactic acid at 25°C. The fermentation process takes a few weeks finishing at about 1 per cent acidity of final product. In India, spices and edible oils are used in pickle making. The spices and edible oil inhibit growth of undesirable micro flora in the product and also gives a desirable flavour.

Jam& jelly

Fresh fruits contain more than 80 per cent water and 10 to 15 per cent sugars. The fruits spoil very fast, if not preserved in time. One of the traditional methods of preservation is conversion of fruit pulp to jam and jelly by reducing water content.  Jam, jelly and marmalade are based on preservation by high sugar concentration. All fruits can be converted to jam by mashing or slicing it fine, adding an approximately equal amount of sugar, and simmering until it reaches proper concentration or
gel at 218° to 222°F (103°–105°C).

Squashes are sweetened juice of fruits containing minimum prescribed quantity of pulp. As
per Indian Standards, squash should contain at least 25 per cent (by volume) of fruit juice. The squashes are consumed after dilution by drinking water in 1:3 ratio.

Project Cost
S.No.  Particulars      Unit                                             Amount (Rs. Lakh)
1         Land acre         0.5                                                      2.50
2         Land Development Sq ft 20000                                 5.00
3         Civil Work Sq ft 3850                                              23.10
4         Plant and Machinery                                                40.23
5         Miscellaneous Fixed Assets                                       2.00
6         Preliminary and Preoperative Expenses                     1.95
           TOTAL                                                                     74.78 

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