Saturday, August 20, 2016

Shoe Polish Manufacture - Project Report - Business Plan

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Plant capacity: 3 Lakh PCS. /annum
Plant & machinery: Rs. 12 Lakhs
Total Cost of Project: Rs. 48 Lakhs (including working capital
Return: 36.00% Break even: 41.00%

Production process
 The process consists
of homogenizing molten waxes and other additives followed by thinning with solvent in with powerful heaters and coolers.. This involves heating the wax in high temperatures of up to 85 degrees C. The mixing tanks are constructed of stainless steel and are equipped with a jacketed shell that allows steam and cold water to be circulated around the tank. The tank has temperature controls.

Heating and mixing continues until the batch is homogeneous at which point cooling is initiated. As the batch cools, other ingredients such as preservatives, dyes, and fragrance are added. When the batch is complete, it is assayed to insure it meets quality control standards for solids, pH, etc. The mixed mass is reduced slowly to 50 °C, and as its viscosity increases, it is poured through a closed funnel into a cooling chamber. The poured mass is allowed to settle slowly, providing uniform distribution. The batch may be pumped to a filling line or stored in tanks until it is ready to be filled.

The semi-solid polish is packed in round tins, while the liquid polish is packed in plastic bottles
having sponge pasted caps.

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