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Micro Business Activity - Diary Farming India
(More project plans are there in the report)

The shed may be constructed on dry, raised ground and should be well ventilated.
 A standing space of 2 x 1.05m for each animal is required.
 Purchase freshly calved animals in their second/third lactation. Vaccinate the newly purchased animal against disease.

 Feed the animals with best feed and fodders and daily feed requirement is about 2.5 to
3% of body weight of animal.
 Before milking, wash the udder and treat with antiseptic lotions/luke warm water and
dry before milking.

4 buffalo (graded murrah) per unit is economic. Each buffalo should generally yield on an
average of 10 (ten) liters of milk per day.
The suggested cost of project

S. No. Particulars                           Amount per unit (in Rs.)

1. Land development (L.S.)                      2,500.00
2. Shed construction using locally available materials
(L.S.)                                                       12,000.00
3. Cost of animals including transportation
if any [@ Rs.16000/- each]                     64,000.00
4. Utensils, Milk vessels, hand operated chaff cutter etc. 3,000.00
5. Insurance/veterinary expenses               3,000.00
6. Working capital and misc. expenses      3,500.00
TOTAL                                                    88,000.00

S. No. Particulars Lactation period
Dry period
Rate (Rs./kg)
1. Green fodder 25 kg 25 kg 0.25
2. Dry fodder 6 kg 6 kg 1.00
3. Concentrate 4.5 kg 1 kg 7.00
4. No. of days considered 280 days 85 days -
Fund requirement for one animal during lactation period:
25 kg x Rs.0.25/kg + 6 kg x Rs.1/kg + 4.5 kg x Rs.7.00/kg = Rs.43.75 per day.
During dry period:                                                                    Rs.19.25 per day/per animal.

. Sales realization:                                                                                        Amount (in Rs.)
(i) From sale of milk: Rs.10 per litre x 4 animals x 10 litres/day x 280 days   1,12,000.00
(ii) Sale of manure & gunny bags (L.S.)                                                                2,000.00

B. Cost Feed/fodder:
(i) Lactation period: Rs.43.75/day x 4 animals x 280 days
Dry period: Rs.19.25/day x 4 animals x 85 days
(ii) Veterinary expenses [Rs.150 per animal x 4 animal]                                            600.00
(iii) Insurance                                                                                                            2,400.00
(iv) Miscellaneous & marketing expenses                                                                1,000.00
(v) Interest 5,100.00
(vi) Depreciation /amortisation of expenses @10% 8,450.00
Total                                                                                                                        73,050.00

C. Net profit [A-B] 40,950.00 per year.

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