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Activated Carbon Powder & Granule from Coconut Shell - Project Report - Business Plan India

Small Business - India Definition

Investment in plant and machinery

Small Enterprises -  More than twenty five lakh rupees but does not exceed five crore rupees

Investment in Equipment

Small Enterprises -  More than  ten lakh rupees but does not exceed two crore rupees

The coconut shell is converted into shell charcoal by carbonization process which is usually carried out in mud-pits, brick
kilns and metallic portable kilns. The coconut shell charcoal is activated by reaction with
steam at a temperature bewteen 900°C to 1100°C under controlled atmosphere in a rotary kiln. The
reaction between steam and charcoal takes place at the internal surface area, creating more
sites for adsorption.

A Plant with a production capacity of 10 Tons/day (3000 Tons per annum, based on 300 working days at single shift) is proposed in the report.

Land: Around 1 acre of dry land is required.

Plant & Machinery

No   Name of Machine
1 Hammer mill
2 Jaw crusher
3 Vibratory feeder
4 Elevator
5 Carbonization kiln
6 Soaking tanks
7 Cyclones
8 Rotary kiln with heat recovery unit
9 Coolers
10 Centrifuge
11 Rotary drier
12 Micro Pulverizer
13 Sieving machine
14 Pneumatic filling machine

The total cost of machinery for a 3000 TPA Plant would be around Rs.330 Lakhs.

Total Project Cost Rs. 670 lakhs

Sales Turnover
The Revenue at optimum utilisation (80% from the 3rd year onwards) would be around Rs.
2160 Lakhs.

• The Profit after Tax is Rs.178 Lakhs.
• The Break Even Point (BEP) for the project is 50%.
• The Debt Equity Ratio (DER) for the project is 1:1
• Average Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) is 3.42

Small Scale Units/Firms in India - Project Reports - Business Plans

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