Friday, August 19, 2016

Ice Cream Cones Manufacture - Project - Business Plan

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Initially corn and wheat flour is mixed with water and colors
and flavors are added. Leave the dough for 5 minutes, and to pass it through a sieve afterwards in order to hold back the particles, which have not dissolved completely. The dough
will swell again. If flour with higher level of coarsely ground grain is used, the
dough should be left for about 10 minutes. The longer the dough can rest; the better
will be its flow The dough is then fed to the mould of the cone making
machine. The press is operated and the molded cones are baked separately and


Automatic ice cream cone manufacturing machine which includes Sifter, dough
kneader, Cone making machine automatic, sugar pulverizer, weighing scales, etc.

The machine is available from
1. T Alimohammad & Co, MJ Phule Market, Mumbai 400 003
2. S.R. Engg. Works,MIDC Satpur, Nasik
3. Sujata Enterprises,Laxmi Road, Pune
4. Techno Equipments , 31 Parekh Street, Girgaum, Mumbai-400004

S.No. Particular           Qty.(kg) Rate          (Rs./kg)              Value (Rs.)
1. Wheat flour                4600                   19                    87,400
2. Corn Flour                 4600                   32                  1,47,200
3. Sugar                       500                   35                    17,500
4. Salt, Fat, Chemicals such as
Baking Powder, Colors &
Flavors, etc                   100                                          5,000

Packet of 100 pieces  Rs. 40/              

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